Pyramics provides data and hardware solutions to measure the success of marketing efforts. Our Customers are in the business of out-of-home advertising, market research and retailing. For this purpose we developed the intelligent optical Sensor Pysense. Pysenses captures anonymous data (metadata) about the shopping behaviour and ad interactions of customers at the Point-of-Sale. This Information is used to permanently optimize Marketing-Strategies.

Capture Data

Pyramics captures anonymous data about age, gender, ad interactions and observed emotions of customers and leads.

Get Insights

Our Web analysis tool Pyreport exploits this data and helps to understand the shopping behaviour and preferences of your Customers.

Improve Decisions

Use this knowledge to adapt your marketing campaigns to your customers’ needs and increase your return on marketing investments.

Measure advertising success along the sales funnel

Measurement of Advertising Reach
Pyramics provides quantitive data about the amount of people passing by an advertising display or a store front and assesses how many of them actually look at it. We use this information to measure the reach of your ad campaigns.

Measurement of Advertising Effectiveness
Additionally we capture data about customer’s interactions with advertising displays and measure the ad effectiveness. For this purpose we analyse the dwell-time people spent in front of a display, the time they actually look at it and the emotions they show. Moreover we provide information about their age and gender to measure the interest of specific target groups.

Demographic People Counting
Pysenses in the entrance area of a shop enable us to analyse when different target groups (in terms of age and gender) visit. Comparing this data to the results of the advertising effectiveness measurement shows if your advertisement attracts the right customers and allows you to adapt ad campaigns.

Demographic Scanner Data Analytics
We use Pysenses at the checkout to combine scanner data with demographic information. In this way, we asses which are the most profitable customer groups and determine group specific conversion rates. This knowledge helps you to adapt your in-store marketing to the needs of customer groups with low conversion rates and to increase your revenue.

Privacy Policy

Pyramics is especially concerned about the privacy of your customers. Therefore we developed Pysense according to the Prvacy-by-Design approach. The whole facial analysis takes place on the device, so there is no need to store or transmit pictures containing personal data at any time. Exclusively anonymous data like age, and gender leaves the sensor. This practice complies with current German and European privacy laws.

Industry Solutions


Applications for Customer Analytics at the
Point of Sale

Out-of-Home Media

Out-of-Home Media

Advertising effectiveness measurement for out-of-home media industry

Trade Fairs and Events

Trade Fairs and Events

Short term audience measurement at events and exhibitions

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